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Pet Boarding

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Our service allows you to make sure your pet is well taken care of, even when you’re not around. We offer this whether your at work or out for the day with the family for all sizes and breeds. Here at Animal Antics Norfolk we have a daycare for dogs which operates Monday to Friday. We are a daycare which prides ourselves on being able to provide more one to one care as opposed to big commercial units. The care your dog receives is the best quality. Supervised throughout with qualified staff. We have many types of enrichment we use such as ball pits, sand pits, pools, snuffle mats, kongs, treat and puzzle feeders and lickimats We provide the beds, toys, treats, comfort and even various types of bowls including go slow feeder bowls. We have coats to keep warm and dry on walks out too. We arrange an initial meet and greet with you first to meet the dog in their own home and for you to meet us this is to fill in necessary forms and ask questions. Each dog is required to have a free trial of two hours before being fully accepted for daycare. This is to ensure your dog is happy and gets on with the other dogs in our care. Only then can future dates be booked with us. 

All dogs for daycare must be ok with cats and children.  

We offer small animal boarding in our own home. Due to keeping and working with a large range of species over the last 20+ years you can be rest assured your pet will be treated with the highest level of welfare and like they are our own!

We can look after guinea pigs, gerbils, rabbits, birds, fish, tropicals, invertebrates, exotics and chickens to reptiles, ducks and everything in between!

Prices vary depending on how many nights/days and what species of animal.

Regular bookings and one offs welcome.

  • Prices start from £10 per 24 hr period. (additional pets £4 each)

 Please contact us for a quote! 

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