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Dog Walking

Putting Your Pet First

Each dog walk is tailored to your pets individual needs. Dependent on age, breed, health and fitness. We always tailor walks to each individual dogs needs. Some breeds will require more mental stimulation or physical stimulation or a combination of both!

We only use positive reinforcement and reward based training and we do not condone the use of shock or prong collars or any other aversive type of restraint or control. Walking a dog on a harness is best and walking a dog on a halti, slip lead, choke collar or just a collar and lead can put pressure on vital body systems such as the sensitive skin around a dogs muzzle, nerves in the face, head and neck, pressure around the neck including the vertebral discs, the esophagus, spinal cord and trachea which over time can lead to health problems. 

Solo and group walks available. Half hour or hour walks.

Solo walks are more suited to dogs which are reactive or elderly or who have not been socialised with other dogs before such as puppies for example. Group walks are for no more than a group of four dogs which are suited and temperament assessed before meeting each other. 

We can help with recall, loose lead walking and de-sensitisation and habituation. 

We provide the transport and make sure your dog has a stimulating and enriching time with us! We provide poo bags and always have fresh drinking water available. We have a multitude of toys and enrichment opportunities on every walk. 

Contact us today for a free 30 minute initial consultation.

30 minute solo walks .....£13     

(additional dogs from same family £2)

1 hour solo walk ....£15

(additional dogs from same family £4)

30 minute group walk ....£10

(additional dogs from same family £6)

1 hour group walk ....£12

(additional dogs from same family £5)

Puppy socialisation/familiarisation walks maximum of 30 minutes only....£15

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